A House, a Hound, a Horse and a Husband… Not Necessarily in That Order

Anyone who has owned a horse knows that they are a lot of work. Ditto with the hound and the house. Anyone who has ever had a significant other knows that relationships take a lot of time and caring. The more time and care you put into it, the better the relationship usually is.  This post has no intention other than to acknowledge those who sweep, shovel, sew, iron, rake, mow, boil or bake. Which is most everybody. We all have chores. Whoever you are, guy or gal, today I acknowledge you. I just spent a good hour raking horse manure in 92 degrees. Yes, in the hot sun. I don’t like doing it but I like it that I can. Even the worst of chores have something for which we can be thankful.

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Fitness and Exercise… Ever Wonder Why Your Body Doesn’t Trim?

I just finished a short session of lifting five-pound weights. I have a little routine where I dance around, kick my legs up, lean backward (hoping to tighten my core) and raise and stretch the weights over my head. Feels good. I also have my own moderate yoga routine and I hike quite a bit. The five-pound weight lifting does an excellent job of keeping my upper body strong, I also feel it in my face muscles. But the only easy way to trim my legs is on my bicycle. Why doesn’t hiking, yoga and leg lifts do the trick? If I’m active in a variety of ways, wouldn’t you think those muscles would trim just like my calves? Why in the world do I need muscles that I don’t use? What can I do that will use those muscles, particularly the inside thigh? Obviously we used to be frog-like. I’m not kidding. They swim, climb on rocks and hop around. If you look at their outstretched bodies, their arms and legs and little round tummy, resemble humans so much, science teachers have seventh graders dissecting them.

Swimming is great for exercise and trimming up, but who has a pool? I don’t. Now that my kind has evolved to terrestrial living, I’ll have to make do. But it would behoove me to remember that my ancestors, millions of years ago, might have been more like frogs. When I dance around the living room trying to trim up the easy way, I must be more frog like. Lunges and squats. Think that will do it?  Suellen Ocean is the author of many books on diverse topics. Her books are available here: