Through Saturday, My Newest Book, “Chimney Fire” is Free on Amazon Kindle eBooks

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Through Saturday, my latest novel, “Chimney Fire,” is FREE on Kindle eBooks.


Suellen Ocean

Will Hilary Get Chivalrous Treatment? I Don’t Think So…

In 1852, in some of the gold mining towns of the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, rugged men raced down steep mountains on long skis that back then were called snow-shoes. In this hearty back country, snow-shoe races were big entertainment and a lot of fun. There was a lot of drinking and betting on the races and in one instance, the winning purse was a thousand dollars. A lot of money back then. When the race began, all the men took off. Before long, a female came down the hill on her snow-shoes. The crowd went wild, especially as she began passing the other racers. The woman won the race and some speculated that it was because the other racers were chivalrous and didn’t want to beat a woman.

When we consider who gets our vote for president, we can’t go lightly on Hilary just because she’s a woman. And Hilary must do her part and not use the gender card as a diversion from the hard questions. She will go into the ring as an equal to the men.

As for the snow-shoe race back in March of 1852… when the racer removed her hat and face covering, the crowd was surprised to see that it was a man. And one man was so angry at having been “cheated,” he shot and killed the poor jokester in front of the whole crowd.

A lot has changed since the 1800’s. The 2016 presidential race will be monumental, whether Hilary wins or not. And unlike the snow-shoe race of 1852, it is no joke.

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Food & Cooking… Do Spice Cabinets Lie?

I have a sister-in-law who insists she’s not handy in the kitchen and yet when I looked into her spice cupboard it was well stocked. And well used. How do I know this? I know because I saw spice dust on the little jars and there was a slight disarray to them. I’ve seen plenty of tidy little spice cupboards with unused bottles of spices. They stick out like unopened presents under a Christmas tree.

I am not one to condemn those who don’t enjoy cooking. Laboring in the kitchen is not everyone’s favorite pastime. However, there is something about a spice cabinet. It conveys how someone genuinely feels about cooking. Everyone can have pretty things in their kitchen. But when it has spice dust on it… watch out. Spice cabinets don’t lie.

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Gardening… Good News All the Way Around

I went into my garden yesterday and was delighted that not one but three hummingbirds enjoy my new addition of Myosotis sylvatica, commonly known as “forget-me-not.” I planted the seeds after my mother died. I had given the colorful packet to her years ago but she had not planted it. It came up last year and I was pleased at the large number of honeybees it attracted. Now hummingbirds are dancing around it. And it appears to be very drought tolerant. I looked up forget-me-not at the department of agriculture to see if it was poisonous and it is considered safe. I saw a mention elsewhere that the flowers were good in salads. What’s not to like?

Forget-me-not is considered an annual or a biennial so I’d better throw seeds around so it will come up next year. I live in a temperate climate and it did not die over the winter. Anything that attracts honeybees and hummingbirds is magical. Throw that in your salad!

Suellen Ocean is the author of the vegetarian cookbook, Poor Jonny’s Cookbook. Available here:

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