About Suellen Ocean

When she’s not working on historical novels, Suellen Ocean is caring for her organic garden and cooking gourmet foods, vegetarian style. Although always living in the western United States, she has had the opportunity to travel to England, France, Holland and Israel. When she returns home she does extensive research on the areas she’s just visited and writes novels. Her four novels are available at Amazon, including two of her books for a buck.

One thought on “About Suellen Ocean

  1. Hi Suellen,

    I’d love to be in touch with you about acorns… I’m putting together a funding bid to come to the US to deepen my research in to acorns as a food source (and as a process that takes us home to our more indigenous nature!). I first saw your work on line a while back and then last year Marcie from ‘I Love Acorns’ mentioned you. I went to visit her and we shared knowledge, skills, recipes and our common quirk of being acorn obsessives!!

    Before I launch in to a longer message, is there a better way to contact you and are you up for a ‘chat’ ?!!

    Best wishes from lush green oak covered Devon,



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