The Link Between Depression and Inflammation

I get this dark aura over my head sometimes, when I am about to take a second helping of food. Sometimes it’s another bowl of whole wheat pasta or another handful of nuts. It doesn’t happen all the time but throughout the years it has happened enough times to make me curious. The curiosity ended when I went ahead and had that second helping and the next day, that dark aura surrounded me. I was a little “down.” So, I took note and sure enough, the cause and effect happened again and again. Now, I may know the answer to my body’s warning. Dr. Marlynn Wei was on the radio today, talking about people with depression and how they have 30-40% more markers for inflammation. White flour, white sugar, fried foods, etc. cause inflammation. Just like another bowl of ice cream might lead to chubby cheeks, a second helping of some foods and a first helping of many others just might lead to a gloomy day.

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