You Can Put On All the Make-Up In the World But…

There are thousands of make-up products one can slap onto their face but it will never take the place of the healthy glow we get from exercise. During the winter it’s hard to get outside and “play” and the cold weather can dry and weather your skin but there’s no substitute for a blood-pumping walk. I’m a nature lover and live in the country. I lift rocks, push around bales of hay, toss logs and garden and I make trails and drag branches. But most of the time I take a break from my writing projects and just go for a plain old walk. When I return I can’t help but notice that my cheeks are flushed (rosy), my eyes sparkle and my lips are red. There she is, the healthy me. The younger looking me.

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Gardening Survival Food: Pumpkin Zucchini Cross

I’ve heard that when squash cross-pollinates it makes a “gourd” and that eating them can kill you. No kidding. Or make you really sick. So I was afraid when my zuchinni had obviously crossed with my sugar pumpkin. Uh oh. But what a pleasant surprise that turned out to be. Not only am I not dead, my “pumpkinni” were ten times more prolific than the zucchini and were delicious when eaten small and green. I allowed about five of them to grow large and turn into winter squash. Now here it is in the middle of January and I made pie from the winter squash it turned into. Delicious! The winter squash it turned into has a thick protective skin so is great for storing. They were mostly green when I brought them in last fall but have slowly turned orange. I’m saving the seed and will plant it in my summer garden. What will the seed from the pumpcinni turn out like? I’ll let you know.

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What’s a Nosegay?

Oh for heaven’s sake. Do people really talk like that? Only if you live in historical novels…  a Nosegay is a small bunch of flowers given in sentiment. The gay aspect is that it makes us feel happy which usually is the case when we receive a bouquet of flowers. Long before there were floral shops, admirers would stroll the countryside and pick small handfuls of wildflowers or go into the garden, clip roses and chrysanthemums, tie them in a bow and present them to their lover. The scent of flowers can produce a profound tranquil effect when brought to the nasal senses. Who doesn’t love a Nosegay?

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