The Beauty In Beans … They Are Nutritious … Easy and Inexpensive

Beans have got to be one of the cheapest foods available. Humans have cultivated them for thousands of years. Some of the beans we plant in our gardens are the same variety the ancients planted in theirs. I don’t doubt that cultures who eat a lot of beans also have nice skin, hair, bones, nails, etc., provided they’re other nutritional needs are met. Beans have the fiber we need, they have protein, no fat, no cholesterol and almost no salt unless added. One quarter cup of dried black beans has nine grams of protein and that can be increased if you eat corn or rice with it.  They’re delicious too. What’s not to like? I’m cooking black bean chili today. I’ll cook up the black beans then add some cumin spice, onions, basil, oregano, a little soy sauce and I’ll add some tomatoes as well. I leave it on the back burner all day and maybe I’ll toss a teaspoon of brown sugar into the pot to bring out the flavor. About an hour before dinner I’ll make some whole grain whole wheat corn bread. My husband will love it and I will too.

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