Stock Up… Just In Case… But Stock Up On What?

Stock up on wholegrains like brown rice, wheat berries and corn. Both the wheat berries and the corn can be sprouted, increasing their nutrition and they are likely to stay uneaten in your pantry because, well, how many of us eat whole-wheat berries or whole kernel corn? If the time arises and you need your survival food, the wheat berries and kernel corn can be soaked and sprouted for a few days before steaming and eating. Brown rice definitely instead of white rice, do some research about the nutrition of white rice compared to brown and you will agree. Whole-wheat flour and cornmeal are also good foods for stashing away; flat chapatti-style breads can be made with these flours by adding water and cooking on a cast iron griddle. Sprout seeds are wonderful to have as you can make a nice meal with a chapatti covered in sprouts. Buy a bag of soybeans for your pantry too, they have lots of protein.

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