Gardening Survival Food: Pumpkin Zucchini Cross

I’ve heard that when squash cross-pollinates it makes a “gourd” and that eating them can kill you. No kidding. Or make you really sick. So I was afraid when my zuchinni had obviously crossed with my sugar pumpkin. Uh oh. But what a pleasant surprise that turned out to be. Not only am I not dead, my “pumpkinni” were ten times more prolific than the zucchini and were delicious when eaten small and green. I allowed about five of them to grow large and turn into winter squash. Now here it is in the middle of January and I made pie from the winter squash it turned into. Delicious! The winter squash it turned into has a thick protective skin so is great for storing. They were mostly green when I brought them in last fall but have slowly turned orange. I’m saving the seed and will plant it in my summer garden. What will the seed from the pumpcinni turn out like? I’ll let you know.

Suellen Ocean is the author of Acorns and Eat’em, a how-to vegetarian cookbook and field guide for eating acorns. Find it here:–Vegetarian-Cookbook/dp/1491288973