The Pattern Says Zipper… Can I Skip It?

Take a look at the dress on the front of this pattern. See how low cut it is? I made it out of a stretchy knit. There was no reason for me to bother putting in a zipper. It fits right over my head. Another option I could have used, would be to leave a five-inch opening in the back where the zipper should go and add a button and a loop. The same goes for bothering with buttonholes. If a blouse pattern is low-cut, the neck opening is huge. You can sew buttons onto the front, skipping the buttonholes and just slip it over your head. If the neckline opening is huge AND the fabric is stretchy, it lends itself well to being a slip-on. If you’re making a skirt and the pattern says zipper, you can instead, stitch a long sash along the waistline, leaving two long ties and tie it. If you’ve ever bought clothes from third-world countries, you will see that they improvise ways to avoid installing zippers. Sarongs wrap around the neck or tie around the waist. These short cuts are especially easy to accept when we’re making casual clothes. Suellen Ocean is the author of many books on diverse topics. Her books are available here: