In the Garden… Time to Glamorize Cabbage

Cabbage may turn up a few noses but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in history there was a cult that worshipped the big sphere. Cabbage is so versatile it can be used raw in coleslaw and my favorite use is chopped and used in place of lettuce in a salad. With the addition of avocado and tomato and any other favorite salad additions, it’s tasty and filling. And of course, there’s always stuffed cabbage. The leaves are so large they lend themselves nicely to stuffing. If you want a stuffed pasta dish but you’re on a diet, using cabbage leaves instead of pasta works well. Stuffed cabbage can also take on an Asian flair if filled with fried rice. An Italian dish could be made if you stuffed cabbage leaves with tomato puree, vegetables, tofu, onions, Italian spices and cheese on top, then baked. I’ve had chopped cabbage in many a Mexican restaurant, it mixes well with hot peppers. And then there’s the fermented food called sauerkraut, some people swear by if for their health. Whatever you dream up for your cabbage, you’ll take pleasure in knowing that eating cabbage is reputed to help prevent cancer. Suellen Ocean is the author of the vegetarian cookbook, Poor Jonny’s Cookbook. Available here:


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