America’s Multi-Ethnic Communities Are Growing

Smaller Gone North Front CoverI have lived a good portion of my life in rural communities. Diverse in personality but not so much in ethnicity. In one of the communities, there was one black family, a brother and sister (the brother was married to a white woman). They didn’t stay long and my husband and I were appalled at the stories they told. The community lost some good people when they left. But I do not blame them for leaving. Sadly, they didn’t feel safe.

My parents lived in Napa, California, an area that attracts Latinos. And in Suisun City where they had a furniture store, their neighbors were black. Spending time in both those communities was refreshing. I’ve always said that I like multi-ethnic communities, it’s what I like about the San Francisco Bay Area. Years ago, I filled my need for diversity by marrying into a large Italian family, and then later, a large Jewish family that was intermarrying.

America’s multi-ethnic neighborhoods are growing faster than ever. Today’s media personalities reflect that. I find the stories are more interesting when a station hires a diverse group of newscasters. However, some Americans are threatened by the rapid change. That’s why we have gangs and politicians whose reflexes send them backwards instead of forward. I wish they would understand that a community of many cultures is never boring. Whether it’s the annual Sikh parade, the Italian Festival or the many other events within driving distance… variety truly is the spice of life.

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