Motivation To Exercise (get off the couch)

Ah ha! You’re hoping I have the magic elixir, maybe I do. Maybe you do too. It’s called “action.” I don’t know who said it but a few years back I read the phrase, “Action precedes motivation.” And I found it works. Don’t make yourself any promises, motivation or not, just get up and start going through the motions. The motivation will come later. Your mind and body will experience a change. Your blood will get going and your mind will become stimulated. It begins when you first stand up. It’s hard when the weather is dreary, the news is bad, we’re recuperating from the flu or that it is just so comfortable to be on that couch. But whoever said, “Action proceeds motivation” was correct. You get active, you get motivated. Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River. Available here:

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