What Kind of Men Write Romance?

CanvaCOVERMississippiWildBlueWhat kind of men write romance? The answer is simple. As my mother used to say, “It takes all kinds.” Male romance authors are highly represented, especially among Indie authors but you might not notice because they use female pen names. My own personal belief is that their romantic notions differ from women’s, which is a good thing. I’ve always enjoyed a male’s perspective in the crazy realm of love. Men do that “tormented thing” quite well, you know they’re speaking from the heart. I wonder though, are male author’s stories more inclined to feature unrequited love? Rumor is, women read the most romance and for them, a “happy-ever-after” is essential. Or is it? I like a happy ending but is it essential? I’ve heard authors say that readers get angry without a happy ending, or HEA as they say in the publishing world.

A lot of men write erotica. I won’t comment on why I think that is, nor do I know if the writing is any good because I’m not drawn to erotica. I spend enough time with my head in my own old-fashioned bodice rippers. (Probably considered tame by today’s standards but maybe a little naughty by yesterday’s.) When my octogenarian friend Jean, who is the most prolific reader I know, said she doesn’t like to read love scenes, I cringe every time she asks to read one of my books. I wonder how much of a love scene she puts up with. And does the gender of the author affect her opinion? Jean comes from an era when women used male pen names, so that their writing would be read.

Great stories are written by any gender. The only thing I might say about male romance authors is that they are probably hesitant to admit it. Those old stereotypes always get in the way. But romance is full of stereotypes. And a good author will use them to his or her advantage and in today’s political and social climate, play around with those stereotypes. Because really, whether the story is an historical or a contemporary romance, there have always been those who deviate from the norm. Good characters are like that.

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