What Is TVP And How Do You Cook With It?

TVP is texturized vegetable protein and it is made from soy beans. It is a complete protein so I enjoy adding it to my vegetarian diet. It’s easy to throw into homemade vegetarian chili, be careful though because it swells up a bit so you don’t need much, maybe 1/4 cup of the dried TVP per  pot of chili. Another way is to make veggie burgers out of it. I take about a half cup of dried TVP and add warm water, just enough to cover and let it swell. Then I add a raw egg and some whole wheat flour just to thicken it. A squirt of soy sauce and perhaps a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and mix it up and it’s ready to fry or bake. The egg makes it thick and stick together. They are very good, think I’ll go make some for dinner tonight.

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