It is Not Insane to Feel Alienated

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Alienism is an old term used in pathology and it means the study and treatment of mental diseases. I read that in an old encyclopedia. After the definition it says, See Insanity. I was astounded. Even if Alienism isn’t used today to define the field of mental health, (I have no idea if it is, I think I would have heard it,) it is interesting that alienism was the word the professionals chose.

Feeling alienated is so common, we were taught about it in college. It is considered a common way to reach people through advertising, public relations, political campaigns, etc. It comes into play in the “jump on the band wagon,” strategy. The threat of being alienated is a great fear in the human psyche. Religions use it too, “join us or we will ostracize you.” A friend of mine was “ostracized,” she said that tactic, “works.”

I am taking the time to write about it because in today’s world of 2016 politics, we are already being played upon with tactics that are geared to manipulate us by making us feel alienated. Don’t fall for it. We all feel alienated from time to time, some of us, every day. It’s normal.

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Is Your Life a Nightmare? Try Ditching the Sugar… No Kidding

We all have quirks. Some of us obsess over little things, have insomnia, insecurities, addictions… nobody’s perfect… we all have flaws… blah, blah, blah. Try going without sugar for a month and see what happens. Read your labels and be honest with yourself. I’m not big on sugar, I seem to do OK with a very small amount and honey agrees with me but I’ve discovered that my mind and body don’t like much more than a tiny bit of sugar. There are plenty of studies out there about the dangers of the highs and lows of sugar. I wouldn’t be surprised if sugar creates millions of unnecessary dramas, incarcerations, hospital stays and divorce. It is a strong substance and needs to be considered seriously. Think you’re crazy? Try ditching the sugar and let me know how it works out for you.

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