The Depression or the Recession. Something’s Gotta Change. Us?

“Some jobs of a few years ago no longer exist. A good example is blacksmithing. There are very few blacksmiths left. The reason is clear. Since the automobile was invented the general use of horses and mules has been greatly reduced. Trucks, buses, and pleasure cars have taken the place of wagons and buggies, and in many cases tractors haul even the old-fashioned farm machinery – plows, cultivators, etc. So there is much less need for horses and mules. The blacksmith who earned a living by shoeing horses and mules and fixing simple farm machinery has little or nothing to do. His shop has given way to a garage or a service station for automobiles, trucks, and tractors.”

Sound familiar? In 1933 President Roosevelt approved the Reforestation and Relief Bill which brought about the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), a national chain of forest camps in which unemployed young men could be placed in temporary jobs to protect and improve our millions of acres of forest land. The CCC provided emergency conservation work and financial rehabilitation, giving a man, “work and paying him for it when he has neither work nor money…”

The times they are a changin’. I hope this change brings America and the rest of the world into new technologies that conserve our resources and bring about peace.

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