What’s the Best Four Letter Word for this Recession?

What’s the best four letter word for this recession? The “F” word or the “S” word? The “S” word, s-l-o-w, agonizingly so, uggh, dragging on and on, one day we are up the next day we are down. But that “F” word is applicable as well. Fast, which implies how fast one hundred dollars slips through our gritty little paws … a few groceries and a little gas and that C note is gone – gone – gone … never to be seen again and hard to find another one like it. But we will hang on to the other four letter words, hope, love, care, wait and stay (as in staycation). And the four letter word we really need through these difficult times is move as in get moving because that’s what it takes to plow through almost depression-era times. Get moving applies to getting up early to work on something (anything), gettin’ a move on with doing your own mechanics, house cleaning, cooking, etc. just like the old folks did when they had their normal routines. We are spoiled and most of us know it, which makes these times all the harder. And don’t forget another four-letter word, g-r-i-n and the other one b-e-a-r. We’ll be needing them for a little while longer.

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