Cooking With Soy Flour: More Protein for Vegetarians

Soy flour is inexpensive and you don’t need very much. It can be found at the natural foods store and will add protein to your breads, sauces and whatever you dream up. I like to mix a tablespoon and a half with two raw eggs and mix it up when I make omelets. In a cast iron skillet, sauté onions in the smallest amount of oil you can get by with then pour the soy egg mixture on top of the onions. Cook the bottom for a few minutes then place the skillet under the broiler for another few minutes to brown it lightly and cook the top. Turn the broiler off and remove the skillet and place sliced tomatoes and avocados on top. Sprinkle with a little soy sauce and you have a tasty omelet with soy protein that might be easier to digest than tofu.

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