Have Native American Ancestry But Can’t Find It?

Join the list of people who know they have Native American ancestry but can’t find it. It’s hard! Why is that? One reason is because Indians who were passing as Caucasians didn’t want to be found out. They were carving a new life for themselves at a time when Indians were being “removed” to reservations. If it meant they could stay somewhere and build a family farm, they told people they were Black German or Black Dutch. Another reason was because there weren’t many records kept on the Indians until a later date. Sure, the Calvary kept lists for various reasons, and there are some partial early lists kept by the government but American Indians weren’t on census records until later. And of course they had Indian names that we have almost no chance of ever knowing. But there are places you can look. It takes time and patience, probably years. But while you are looking for your Native ancestors, you’ll come in contact with their colorful history and culture.

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