What In the World is a Fetish?

I doubt very much that your children, if you have them, will ask you “What’s a fetish?” the way I asked my father, “What’s an aphrodisiac?” It could happen but it probably won’t and if it did, I’m not absolutely certain you’d know the correct answer. Most of us probably think of a sexy pair of red high-heels when we hear “fetish” and then picture a kinky shoe salesman hovering over a nylon stocking, footed female, gently placing that shoe upon her foot. You would be mistaken if you thought that the shoe was the fetish, technically, the fetish would be toward the foot. A “fetish” is an erotic interest on a part of the body, as the foot. The word derives from the French word “facticius,” as an adjective it means “artificial” and as a noun it refers to sorcery or to the magical power a charm might possess. If you wear a crystal around your neck to ward of evil and protect you from disease, the crystal would be a fetish.

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The One Style Thingy That Will Last Forever – High Heels

It’s true, high-heeled shoes have been around for a long time and I suspect they will live on forever. Long after we are dead and buried or our ashes float down the river, there will be women (and men) wobbling around on high heels. They are horrible for your back but even the smartest of people wear them any way. And you can tell how great they feel tottering on those stilettos or high-heeled boots, “Look at me,” the shoes say and we do and sometimes we laugh as they limp off or pity them when we see that grimace upon their face. I never wear stilettos, never owned a pair but I have had several platform shoes and still do and my closet has several pair of cowboy boots with heels. I feel so good when I wear those cowboy boots (except when my feet hurt) and I’m not sure why. Yes, they make me a little taller but that’s just extra. Like I said, high heels are c’est terrible but they will be around for a painfully long time. Pun intended.  Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River. Available here:

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