The Law of Ancient Lights… Buzz Kills, Vampire Auras and Toxic Friends

Smaller Gone North Front CoverHave you ever been basking in the sun and had someone come along and put a shadow on you? It’s irritating isn’t it? Have you ever had a neighbor build a house and obstruct your view? How about the morning sun? You’re not alone. Blocking someone’s light can be a serious issue and England even has a term for it… it’s called Ancient Lights. This legality is used to protect those who came first… to the sun. The original owner of the building has the right to receive light from a window (if it has been there for twenty years). One cannot come along and interrupt that flow of light.

Not unlike the vernacular buzz killancient lights is a quick way to tell someone that they are blocking your sunlight. Another one is vampire aura. Ever hear of that? That’s when someone comes along and drains your energy. Supposedly, they have a hole in their aura that needs filling, so it’s drawing from your aura to fill it. (Not scientific but sounds good doesn’t it? It might fall into the same category as toxic friends.)

Kindness, kindness, kindness… if I have a little light to share, by all means, help yourself. If I have extra energy in my aura, you’re welcome to a little, (emphasis on little, too big a drain is ruinous). But if you’re a toxic friend, well… you’ll need to go through a dramatic transformation… life’s too short.

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