Avoid Post-Holiday Fatigue: Cook Beans and Legumes for Quick and Easy Wholesome Meals

If we let our diet slide during the holidays, it’s important to get back into the swing of things. Beans and legumes are a great place to start. When I’m fatigued, a bowl of chili gives me strength. This time of year, when it gets dark early, we need all the help we can get. Help yourself by keeping them around.

Those of us who prepare the meals, love it when we have ingredients in the fridge that we can whip up. Problem is, prepared foods are expensive and probably not as fresh. Vegetarians rely on beans, legumes, nuts and grains as staples. Keep containers of cooked beans and legumes in the fridge. Knowing that there’s a container of cooked lentils in the fridge that you can turn into a nice easy meal, might keep you from eating unhealthy fast foods. Here are some ideas:

Lentils: a can of tomatoes and a bag of frozen vegetables, seasoned with a
bit of olive oil and soy sauce, make a nice soup. Or roll them into
tortillas with salsa.

Garbanzos: Throw garbanzos in with spring salad mix, tomatoes and avocados. Or make a soup from cooked garbanzos whirled in the blender with a big chopped onion. Simmer it and season with a spoonful of olive oil and soy sauce. Serve with a tasty bread.

Black beans: these cooked beans make great burritos but another options is
to serve them with cooked brown rice. They’re a little bit dry so load them up with salsa and add soy sauce. Sour cream and black beans are also tasty.

There are days when we don’t feel motivated. When it happens, remember… beans and legumes are our best friends.

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Sewing For Relaxation… Do It

Sewing is meditative, mentally stimulating (usually includes simple math) gets you in touch with your body (you have to fit it to yourself) and stimulates the creative part of the brain. It’s ego building and relaxing… what’s not to like? And guess what? Guys do it too.

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Our Dog Warmed Our Hearts But Ruined Our House

First my cute, sweet little elderly mother passed after ninety-three wonderful years. That was sad. Then our dog died three weeks later, also elderly. My husband and I needed some cheering up – we needed puppy power. So I found a puppy, half purebred collie and half lab mix and as anyone who has had a puppy knows, they are so cute and fun. She made us laugh instead of cry. We began devoting our lives to seeing that her needs were met (you want some more room on that couch? How ’bout a walk? More food?). But she ripped some of the plaster off the wall and when we bring kindling into the house she thinks they’re HER sticks, all ten of them and proceeds to shred them all over the floor. And my windows look like she wrote Chinese on them with her wet, sticky nose. But she has warmed our hearts at a time when our smiles had turned upside down. I call her our “Forever Puppy” and as I gaze at her spread out in front of the fire, her black fur all sleek and shiny, I have no regrets. Broken heart? Get a dog.

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