Authors of Fairy Tales Were Sometimes Plagiarists

Many of our favorite fairy tales were told orally long before they appeared in book form. Travelers heard them and retold them, nannies told them, mothers and fathers told them to their children, we’ve all heard them, and some are thousands of years old. Frequently, authors took the liberty of publishing fairy tales, listing themselves as the author. They were NOT the original author and many of our fairy tales have been plagiarized like this for a variety of reasons, like greed and vanity and the fact that the tales were so old, the original author or authors had long since passed from the earth. The stories changed as they went through different territories, the term for the different versions of the same fairy tale are called variants. Hans Christian Andersen and Lewis Carroll are the original authors of their famous works.  Suellen Ocean is the author of The Acorn Mouse, an illustrated children’s story designed to teach the art of gathering and eating acorns. Available here:

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