Gardening… Good News All the Way Around

I went into my garden yesterday and was delighted that not one but three hummingbirds enjoy my new addition of Myosotis sylvatica, commonly known as “forget-me-not.” I planted the seeds after my mother died. I had given the colorful packet to her years ago but she had not planted it. It came up last year and I was pleased at the large number of honeybees it attracted. Now hummingbirds are dancing around it. And it appears to be very drought tolerant. I looked up forget-me-not at the department of agriculture to see if it was poisonous and it is considered safe. I saw a mention elsewhere that the flowers were good in salads. What’s not to like?

Forget-me-not is considered an annual or a biennial so I’d better throw seeds around so it will come up next year. I live in a temperate climate and it did not die over the winter. Anything that attracts honeybees and hummingbirds is magical. Throw that in your salad!

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