Cooking: Salvaging Burnt Beans… LOL

I swear, there are some personality types that never seem to learn. They get distracted and let the beans burn. Because, let’s face it, beans take forever to cook and I mean, who worries about whether you’re going to burn fifty cents worth of beans? I mean… really. My kids are grown and live miles away, but I still worry about them but a pot of beans?

On the other hand, as a vegetarian, beans and legumes are a crucial part of my diet. And I believe they give me stamina. But here’s the deal, you put them on the stove and you forget about them. Yes, I could have set the timer but I didn’t. And when I was upstairs typing away, I heard weird noises coming from down below. Was it the wood stove or was it the rain on the roof? Not a thought to the pot of beans on the kitchen stove, I forgot about those long ago. I didn’t even remember I was cooking them, until I heard the crackling noises of the water being all boiled out and the beans burning. So I dashed down stairs and just like my mother taught me, I picked up the pot (with hot pads) and I stuck the pot in water that was in the sink and I quickly added cold water to the pot. It did the trick. I saved them. And it wasn’t the first time, nor the second, nor even the third time I’ve salvaged burnt beans. So I thought it was a valuable bit of kitchen trivia that should be shared.

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If You Don’t Feel Good, Eat Beans! No Kidding!

My husband laughed when I said this to him but my bean and legume soups help him to cut firewood, build barns, repair cars and ride motorcycles in the cold. A big bowl of split pea soup will provide 11 grams of protein; eight percent of one’s daily Vitamin A, fifteen percent daily iron requirements and drum roll here… forty-four percent of daily fiber. Black beans provide nine grams of protein per serving and a whopping sixty-percent of daily fiber needs. Lentils provide eight grams of protein per serving and thirty-six percent daily fiber needs. AND there is absolutely NO fat or cholesterol in them, ZERO. If you need to go fat free, you can make delicious dishes with beans and legumes without adding any extra fat. If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband when he gets finished hefting that hay.

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