Using Olive Oil for Skin Care

As we age, our skin dries out. The older we get, the drier it gets. It can get so dry, dermatologists have been known to recommend heavy products like Vaseline. Natural olive oil is an excellent way to clean and moisturize your skin. It doesn’t contain polluting chemicals. It’s just as pure as you can get. Take a small bottle, like the kind that vanilla comes in (the little dark brown bottles) and fill it with olive oil. Keep it in the bathroom. After bathing, before drying off, while the skin is still warm and moist, apply small dollops of olive oil all over your skin. From head to toe. Rub it in well. Afterward, blot it with a towel. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. It is a little irritating and hard to focus if you accidentally get it in your eyes, so be careful with that. It also gets on your towel. It washes out but not always entirely so you might need to retire your towels sooner. It won’t hurt your hair and scalp, olive oil treatments have been around for ages. But it is greasy and could take several days to wash out of your hair so be careful, unless you want to brush it in and slick it back and let the oil treat your hair for a while.

I’ve been using olive oil as skin care for years. I also use it like cold cream. I apply the olive oil onto my face and neck and then take a wet washcloth and blot it. Works wonderfully. Once you get used to using an all-natural product, it’s hard to use something with chemicals and additives. Ancient Grecian mothers understood the cleaning properties of vegetable oils, they used olive oil and tepid water to clean their babies. One last thing… make sure it’s real olive oil. California olive oil has a good reputation for purity.  Suellen Ocean is the author of many books on diverse topics. Her books are available here:

One thought on “Using Olive Oil for Skin Care

  1. I love this suggestion! I think my reusable make up Wipes and rounds that I sell in my Etsy Shop Jane’s Needfuls would be perfect for applying this as they allow more of the product to be applied to the skin but it would also save the trouble of having to use your hands and may even help with reducing excess on your skin that you would later have to dab off.
    Thanks for talking about the benefits of using olive oil! I always like a more natural way to take care of my body.
    Stopping by from


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