Stick This in Your Cannabis Museum

Smaller Gone North Front Cover

It may seem like marijuana has been liberated overnight. But it hasn’t. But with all the fanfare lately, those of us who have been around awhile, are not used to the herb seeing the light of day. I spent twenty-five years living in a rural Northern California region where pot farming and timber logging were the big industries. And believe me, there was a clash of cultures. We knew things were changing when the local conservative farmers were growing weed that was as good, or better than the hippies living in the woods. The area attracted colorful personalities with unusual quirks, and I kept them in my memory and in the early 1990’s penned it to paper, as I saw it. The result was a novel, “Gone North, – Long After the Summer of Love.” Although it is entirely a work of fiction, it is how I really saw things, living in the early days of the “Emerald Triangle.” Now cannabis is coming out of the shadows and folks are asking for people to come forward with their stories and artifacts because they want to start a cannabis museum. I’ve got one for ya… about the story of a young boy whose life collides with an ex-con who comes to town because he’s got the notion that… surprise, surprise… money grows on trees. Suellen Ocean is the author of Gone North. Available here:

Gone North:


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