Skiing… Is it Getting Too Harried?


I remember the first time I went skiing. I was ten and not prepared for the freezing temperatures and that I had to grip a rope tow. The gloves I had were vinyl and they shredded after the first few times. I was scared to death I would fall off of the tow and those behind me would slam into me. Thankfully, the days of rope tows did not last long, for me, but they were around for years and it was a lot better than hiking up the hill… or was it?

Back in the early days, nature-loving types would spend hours hiking up the mountain. Once they reached the top, they would sit, relax, socialize and eat snacks. Then they had a blast skiing down the mountain, only to do it again. They got a work out. In the early 1930’s, when the rope tow came along, made out of thick rope that rotated on old car tire rims, powered by a loud engine from an old Ford, skiing changed. The pace picked up and instead of the long trek up the mountain and the peaceful socializing at the top, skiers raced up and down the mountain, trying to get in as many runs as they could.

Woodstock was the first ski resort in the United States, in 1934, to provide a rope tow. The first known rope tow in the world was in Quebec, Canada in 1932.

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