Mistletoe and Dancing Around the Oak, Would it Be Better on the Full Moon?

It appears that Joan of Arc was fascinated with Pagan Druidism, trendy during her era. The church put her through an inquisition. One of the questions Joan was faced with, was about an oak tree in the village where nature worshippers hung mistletoe. Joan admitted to joining in that tradition. She may have believed in the little people that the Druid’s believed lived in their sacred oak trees. If you can imagine an oak woodland with people dancing around an oak tree and hanging mistletoe on its branches, you’re picturing the Druid ceremony. If you let yourself get carried away, you may even envision the little people, the fairies and the elves that the Druids believed lived in the branches of the great oak that provides so much to both the human and animal kingdoms. In the spirit of nature… relax and let yourself go. Suellen Ocean is the author of Acorns and Eat’em, a how-to vegetarian cookbook and field guide for eating acorns. Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Acorns-Eatem-How–Vegetarian-Cookbook/dp/1491288973



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