Acorn Crackers… It’s About Time!

Those of you who’ve known me for decades, know that I’m the lady who wanders into the forest gathering acorns and shows up at potlucks with a bowl of acorn dip. Back in the late 1970’s I truly believed that I could live off the land and eating acorns was an obvious choice. I knew the Indians leached them but I wasn’t sure how they did that. I went to the library and could find nothing but a few pictures and the fact that they leached them. I received more than my fair share of stomach aches trying to figure out how many days were necessary to leach acorns. Eventually I did and as the years progressed I got pretty fancy with acorns and wrote directions for leaching acorns and all the recipes I created and put them into a how-to cookbook and field guide. One of those recipes I came up with was “Acorn Crunchies.” If you do it just right, acorns can be made into a crunchie treat. Well guess what? Someone has finally brought to market an acorn cracker and though I haven’t tasted it yet the pictures look delicious. The folks who are bringing this to market have asked me if I would share their news. Here is the link to their website where you can see their beautiful, tasty-looking crackers. Good luck folks!

Suellen Ocean is the author of Acorns and Eat’em, a how-to vegetarian cookbook and field guide for eating acorns. Find it here:–Vegetarian-Cookbook/dp/1491288973


One thought on “Acorn Crackers… It’s About Time!

  1. I read your comments a little sadly. I’ve been trying to make acorn tortilla chips since 1974, and succeeded briefly in 1996-8 as “Harvestin’ Howard LLC” and again briefly in 2009 (some traces still on the web, mainly my comic book). Here in SoCal I ran into many health dept regs, cities that cancelled my permits to pick, Indian casinos that only wanted the finished product, along with co-packers that suddenly quit on me. I wrote you once, but you never answered. I was featured in the Riverside Press-Enterprise in 2001 and Pine Nut Penny’s blog in the late 2000’s. The girls in Mighty Wild LLC seem to me to have gotten it right, and I’m rooting for them. I gave to their Kickstarter campaign. However, I’m sorry that the parade went on by me. My idea was to hire the long-term unemployed, train them in transferable skills such as scissor lift, foodmaking, commercial truck driving, etc and use city trees, with the product sold through Indian casinos. The ‘virtual enterprise’ would have joined a city, the Salvation Army and an Indian casino, with the workers then going on to foodmaking, warehousing and construction jobs. It almost worked in Riverside, CA in 2001, with an ad hoc committee of myself, the Salvation Army, Catholic Diocese, and Riverside Episcopal Church. We presented to the city council, which thought it would attract too many homeless people.
    I resigned my LLC in 2011 after my second attempt to start the business failed to find a co-packer who would start with small batches. I can send you some of the clippings about my business attempt if you wish.


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