Are Acorns Poisonous? No, Not If Leached Correctly

The ingredient in acorns that’s considered harmful is tannic acid; also abundant in the teas we drink. It is true that too much tannic acid can cause upset stomach but just as the teabag loses tannic acid as it’s dipped in water, so does the acorn when it’s ground and soaked in water. How long you soak your ground acorns depends on the variety you have. Along California’s coast, tan oak acorns are abundant and only need a week to leach. Further inland, my experience is that the acorns need at least two weeks. It’s no big deal though; the ground acorns just sit in your refrigerator in a jar full of water. You can change the water a few times a week and you’re good to go!  Suellen Ocean is the author of Acorns and Eat’em, a how-to vegetarian cookbook and field guide for eating acorns. Find it here:–Vegetarian-Cookbook/dp/1491288973



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