Killer Bees… an Experiment Gone Haywire?

Being that it’s summer and I’ve a variety of bees swarming around my flowering herbs, I decided to google “killer bees” to see what they looked like. To my surprise they looked similar to honeybees. There are quite a few websites, I looked at about four of them. Here’s what I garnered. One website said they believe killer bees got their start in Brazil after someone thought they could improve their bee genetics by importing queen bees from Africa. Unfortunately, the hybrid offspring tend to have an attitude and are easily offended. If killer bees feel threatened, they go get their buddies and come after you.  Their venom has more punch too. I live in Northern California and they’re not here, but the map shows them in Southern California as well as several other states. The fact that they’re hybrids is making it difficult to develop an extermination plan.

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