How to Get Rest? Pretend You’re Sick

Most of us know that if we don’t receive enough rest, eventually we’ll get sick. Current research has informed us that continual sleep deprivation might make us vulnerable to cancer. So how do we find the time to rest when life calls otherwise? We can “pretend” we’re sick. Yes, I know, we’re still stuck in the psychology of the, “Good work ethic,” “Super Mom/Dad,” and, “Just do it,” but when it comes to the all-important topic of rest, ignore the slogans and come up with others, “We only love others as much as we love ourselves,” “Stop and smell the roses,” and “Our body is a temple of God”. So when you find yourself feeling guilty for resting and your mind screams words like, “Slacker” and “Lazy,” just remember that if you don’t rest, your body will get sick and MAKE you rest, so “pretend” you are a bit under the weather, curl up in a pile of cushions and rest. YOU are the keeper of YOUR body and YOU deserve it. Suellen Ocean is the author of Poor Jonny’s Cookbook. Available here:


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