Gardening: My Cup Runneth Over But it’s A Lot of Work

Summer is over but the garden work has not stopped. Lettuce needs to be washed, beets scrubbed, tomatoes are still hangin’ round, pumpkins need to be made into pies and herbs need to be dried and stored. Never a dull moment in a Gardener’s kitchen. Here’s are some tips. For herbs, stick them in a large paper bag to dry. For tomatoes, pick them green and let them ripen in baskets. Don’t worry if they get wrinkled or a little soft. Don’t leave picked pumpkins lying in the sun and keep an eye on them; they go bad sometimes sooner than one might think. And as for the lettuce, if you’re lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, it will get a little muddy and tattered but will stick around making you feel as if your garden is an extension of your refrigerator.

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