New Normal? Are You Kidding Me?

Talk about the “New Normal,” I turned sixteen out west in 1968 surrounded by colorful fashions, music that stirred the highest emotions, confused young men in camouflage and fights for the rights of minority groups like Indians, African Americans, Farm Workers, Drug Users, Pimps and Prostitutes. No kidding. As a country we’ve come a long way. Although it does not solve past injustices, we have an African American family in the White House bringing pride worldwide. Native Americans have “some” sovereign rights and though Indian gaming is controversial, the money it brings to some tribes helps bring higher standards of living and education. The Unions that brought fairness to farm workers are in jeopardy but we won’t ever go back to the conditions of the past and courts today work with Drug Users with a new understanding of mental health and addiction. As for Pimps and Prostitutes, they continue to fight for the oldest industry in the world but all this makes me wonder, what exactly is the “New Normal?” Suellen Ocean is the author of the satirical novel Gone North. Available here:

Gone North:

eBooks and computer downloads available through Smashwords:

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