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Kathy's blobservations

The morning hours just before I wake…it’s when I have my most vivid dreams. Perhaps it’s because I’m so close to waking that my dreams still lay on the surface of my consciousness. There’s no opportunity for them to be fuzzied and muddled into obscurity by another sleep cycle.

This one has moved me in a way that makes me inexplicably sad. I’m traveling to the coast—a strange and foreboding coast. Something is amiss. It’s obvious that something significant is going to happen. I’m attending a meeting inside a glass walled building which overlooks the sea. The waves are large and growing even larger. They are ominous, threatening. They are pregnant with meaning. An enormous wave crashes through the glass wall and overtakes everyone and everything in its path but I somehow manage to escape. Then I’m in my car preparing to leave the scene of devastation. I look out…

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