Alex Jones Disagrees With My Definition of Paganism

I’m not a Pagan but when I stand around the bonfire with friends as they celebrate the Solstice, I get a sense of what the lives of the ancient Pagans could have been like. Pagans got a bad rap from the early Christians and for all we know, many Pagans were probably leading more of a peaceful, spiritual, be kind to your neighbors lifestyle than some who profess otherwise. I said that the definition of Paganism was: “One who is neither a Christian, a Mohammedan, nor a Jew; a heathen”. Also, “an irreligious person” and “idolatrous”. While the Latin paganus means “heathen” the French Latin paganus means “civilian” or “peasant” and the French pagus means village or district. But Alex Jones took the time to write me and express his view. “PAGANISM: a way of life; where self, others and nature are experienced and engaged in a spiritual, practical and holistic way.” Alex can be found at:

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