Turmeric is Rumored to Prevent Alzheimers. Good News for Curry Lovers

In my home we’ve learned to love curry, a mixture of spices, one of which is turmeric. I developed a taste for curry in London. As a vegetarian it was difficult to find meals but the Indian restaurants always came through. When you’re far away from home and you walk into a restaurant and order warm golden-colored curry, it leaves an impression. To me, curry means anything with curry spice in it. It can be rice and vegetables with curry or a soupy curry with legumes. I think of it as “comfort food”, especially when I hear statistics showing Indians who eat curry regularly show fewer signs of Alzheimers. And curry is a good way to use what’s in the fridge needing to be eaten. Sometimes I make curry with lentils and sometimes it’s black-eyed peas. Every pot of curry is different. Today’s curry started with a base of dried split peas. After they were cooked at a low temperature I added carrots, celery and zucchini and simmered. I threw in a handful of uncooked brown rice and added a teaspoon of curry powder and left it for hours on the back burner just below the simmering point. Soy sauce will flavor each bowl.

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