Sprouted Wheat Bread is the Staff of Life – NOT white bread

I love crusty French bread but that is absolutely, positively not what the ancients meant when they said bread is the staff of life. They took the wheat berries and soaked them in warm water until they began to sprout then they ground them and shaped them into a loaf and steamed them. You can make this bread too and it will improve your health by leaps and bounds if you eat it instead of white bread. You can also add raisins and nuts to it before steaming it. You could put olives in it, etc. It really is tasty. I used to make it by grinding the sprouted wheat berries in an old meat grinder but now I’ve found if I get the blender going first, then throw the wheat berries into the little hole at the top, it works. But be careful, they come flying back out again; they could hit you in the eye if you weren’t careful. After they’re ground, they will shape into a loaf that you can put on a plate. Don’t try steaming in the oven; I think that may dry them out. Elevate the plate over water in a kettle, then cover it and steam for 5 or 10 minutes. Let it cool then keep it wrapped in plastic. Don’t let it dry out.

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