What’s a “Poor Jonny’s Weekend”?

It’s what I’m going to have come Friday night when the bills and mortgage are due and I have company coming. If I run to the store and stock up, my bank account will run short. So instead of going out on a limb and “puttin’ on the dog,” I’m going to pull out my Poor Jonny’s Cookbook and plan old-fashioned meals that will nourish and bring back memories of the good ‘ol days. Because I had a garden this summer, I have pumpkins so I’ll make some “Corn Pumpkin Harvest Bread.” I’ll get some wheat berries sprouted so I can fix a “Spicy Sprouted Wheat berry Dish” and then for desert I’ll bake a “Coconut Walnut Five Spice Cake.” We’ll sit around the fire and drink hot tea with the spice cake, laugh and talk about life and the good times it brings.

Suellen Ocean is the author of the vegetarian cookbook, Poor Jonny’s Cookbook. Available here:


eBook or computer download through Smashwords:


eBook through Barnes & Noble:


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