We Need To Lower Our Standards of Housekeeping

We need to lower our standards of housekeeping so we can all relax. I don’t mean to the extent that cockroaches are dancing across the countertops, not filth, just a stylishly Bohemian mix of dust yesterday’s winds blew in and a pile of unwashed dishes from last night’s delicious Pasta Primavera. Muddy boots in the corner also look nice as well as gardening hats complete with muddy fingerprint stains from sticking beet seeds into the ground. And windows? Oh geez, somehow we have got to make dirty windows fashionable. Cobwebs too – keep up with them? No can do. Still working on that one.

We must start the movement or revive it, modeled somewhere between Nirvana Grunge and the 60’s “F*** Housework” poster that jolted me as a teenager. Our children and grandchildren need us to read books to them and have time to walk in the park. I’m going back to relax with a hot cup of cocoa and read. I wouldn’t want someone to come by and find my house clean and tidy. That’s no longer fashionable. Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River. Available here:

Gold River: http://www.amazon.com/Gold-River-Suellen-Ocean/dp/1484094042

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Hold out for your shade of crazy.

3 thoughts on “We Need To Lower Our Standards of Housekeeping

  1. Well said! It has always bothered me when people apologize for a “messy” house when you step inside their front door, even if the place is immaculate. I can’t tell you how many visitors remark that my house feels so homey…and I know it’s because I don’t dust, allow my toddler (and myself) to leave projects spread on tabletops, and have stacks of books in random places throughout the house where we realized whatever we happened to be doing at the time wasn’t as important as a good story and sat down to read.


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