Protein, Protein, Protein … but not too much

As a vegetarian if I don’t receive enough protein I will eat and eat and eat … and eat! Until my body receives the protein it needs, I’m hungry! Yet I cringe when I read about cancer being caused by a “protein” that runs amok. Eating too much protein can cause its problems and finding adequate protein without turning to animal sources is sometimes frustrating. But mixing the right amino acids together, which can mean beans and rice is crucial to satisfying hunger.

It’s very tempting to simplify things and think that because one is obese they are well-fed. Protein is expensive and many who are struggling financially eat a lot of starches (macaroni and cheese boxes) to get by. Higher quality starches like whole grain brown rice and whole grain pastas and breads, though they are more expensive, are a better bargain in the long run because of the nutrition they provide.

Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River one of her books for a buck available at Amazon.

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