The Apple Diet – Pretty & Fresh

When I first got together with my husband he had us go on an “apple diet”. But it wasn’t entirely apples, he allowed us to eat a little raw cabbage as well.  It didn’t last very long, probably just a day and a half and after we were through we smelled like apples. It wasn’t too big a deal for me because I’d been enjoying apples from the trees I found out in the woods and eating quite a bit of them because they were so pretty and fresh, I was young and believed that if I ate something so pretty and fresh right off the tree, I couldn’t help but look that way too.  Now days, I still eat fresh apples but just one at a time, sometimes only three apples a week. But I noticed that when I’m craving something, anything, whether it feels like I need protein or sugar, that apple really hits the spot.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River available at Amazon.

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