What’s This High School Skinny?

I’m not so sure we’re supposed to be high school skinny. After all, take a look at the life of a tree. Don’t they get bigger as the years go by? If they are given room to grow, they spread out and become beautiful. Yes, studies say that thinner people live longer and there is no question that too much body fat causes problems, many of them fatal. So I strongly encourage myself to do my best to keep the fat down but I don’t expect to be high school skinny nor do I expect that of anyone else except those in high school and only if skinny is their body type. I will say that I wish I knew then what I do now in regards to calories and the way our bodies burn them. The metaphor of a wood stove helps me to understand the calorie burn. The bigger the logs the bigger the fire to burn them. No fire no burn. High school skinny? Not me. Comfortable with the body I have? Absolutely.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Gold River one of her books for a buck available at Amazon.

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