Ah, the Simple Life. NOT!

Simple is going to the store for a can of tomatoes. The simple life is pulling weeds and watering all summer then standing in the hot sun with a bucket, stooped over harvesting your own tomatoes then enduring searing heat in the kitchen canning them before they rot and doing the same thing a few days later. Those of us who forfeit life’s modern conveniences laugh at the expression, “the simple life”. Living in the country is not simple. It can become very complicated, especially if the water pump breaks, the horse gets loose or your sombrero disturbs a wasp nest while your emptying the garbage. The simple life brings grown men to tears. But those of us who chose to live this way couldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s the cool delta breezes blowing through open windows on a hot night or the silhouette of a buzzard on the oak snag outside your bedroom window, these are the simple things that keep us rooted in place and it is the roots we dig that create a bond with our homes, whether they are simple or not.


Suellen Ocean is the author of Gone North, one of her books for a buck available at Amazon.


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