Acorn Cheesecake? Did You Say Cheesecake?

Acorn Cheesecake? Did You Say Cheesecake?.


2 thoughts on “Acorn Cheesecake? Did You Say Cheesecake?

  1. I have a copy of your Acorn Zucchini Cheesecake (3rd place Hayward recipe contest) which was printed in the Benicia Herald (8/18/1993). It did not mention how much zucchini to use and it also didn’t mention to include 1/2 c. sweetened applesauce. Could you tell me how much zucchini you use? Thanks.


    • Hi Randall! How cool is that?!!! The Hayward Zucchini Festival, that was a fun day. To be honest, the acorn cheesecake recipe existed before the contest. The rules were that you had to add one cup of zucchini to the recipe, so I did just that. I shredded the zucchini first. Are you aware that my book, “Acorns and Eat’em” is available as a free download? It is also for sale through Amazon’s Createspace at a reasonable price. You’ll find the acorn cheesecake and many more in the book. Both links at our website:
      Thanks!!!!! Suellen


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