Tips for Growing Alfalfa Sprouts

For every tablespoon of sprouts use one cup of water. Soak the alfalfa seeds for longer than one day. The water may become a little sour but you’ll be able to remove it when you start rinsing. Soaking them for two days is better than one because the shells soften and the sprout will use them for nourishment and growth. Only one day of soaking leaves the seeds hard and dry. Use a half-gallon size jar and keep it in a north-facing window. It won’t receive as much sun as a southern one. The sprouts dry out too quickly in a hot or sunny a window. Rinse them daily. It’s better to have a smaller air hole in the jar lid than to have the whole opening exposed to the air. They will stay moist longer with a small opening. When rinsing pour water into the jar, swish it around then place a mesh kitchen strainer on the end of the jar to catch the sprouts and put them back in the jar. Use sprouts as much as you can. They are a “live” food filled with enzymes and vitamins. In place of lettuce on sandwiches, as a garnish around potato salad, in tacos, in green salads, sprouts provide texture and crunch. Other popular sprouts are: lentil, clover and sunflower. Sprouted wheat berries make a nice steamed bread. Suellen Ocean is the author of Poor Jonny’s Cookbook.


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